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Electricity Deregulation

What is deregulation and how does it benefit consumers?
In Texas, there used to be only one choice for electricity based on where you live. If you wanted electricity, you had to buy from the local utility. Everything changed in 2002, when a new state law broke apart the old monopolies and separated the delivery of electricity from the electricity itself. Now, in much of the state, one company reads the meters and maintains the poles and wires that deliver the electricity and many companies now compete to sell the electricity that runs over the poles and wires. As a result, consumers benefit from competitive rates, more product options and greater service levels.

How do I know if I am in a deregulated part of the state and eligible to choose a Retail Electric
Contact us at, visit or call 1.877.208.8675

What happens if I have an emergency or power outage, since the market is deregulated?
Contacting your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU), also known as a transmission and distribution service provider (TDU) company, is the fastest way to get a response to an emergency or power outage situation. TDU contact numbers are listed within the ‘Report an Outage’ tab for your reference.

What is the difference between an Option 1 & Option 2 Retail Electric Provider?
An Option 1 Provider offers service defined by a geographic area and the focus of that provider is to grow their portfolio as much as possible by supplying power to as many residential, retail and industrial customers as possible. Most provider(s) currently serving load to the Electric Market in Texas are Option 1. An Option 2 Provider offer(s) service to specifically identified customers, each of whom contracts for one megawatt or more of capacity.

How can Pumpjack Power offer lower rates than many of its competitors?
Simply put, lower risk. Because we are focused on serving load to those in the Oil & Gas industry specifically, who’s usage and demand patterns are non-weather sensitive differing greatly from other weather sensitive Texas consumers, like that of residential, retail, and industrial consumers, we are uniquely positioned to offer a partnership reciprocal in nature that cannot be matched. This is accomplished in many ways with the main one being profile reclassification where applicable.

What is profile reclassification & why does it matter to me? How do I know I am eligible?
Making the Switch

Is there a chance I will lose power when I switch to Pumpjack Power?
No. There will be no interruption of service when you switch to Pumpjack Power.

What happens if I switch to a new provider and that provider leaves the market?

Do I need to contact my current provider when switching?
When you switch to Pumpjack Power, we send an electronic notice through ERCOT to your former electricity provider. However, we suggest that you refer back to your current provider's Terms of Service to see if anything specific is required from you, including whether you are subject to an early termination fee.

Will I still get the same reliable electric service for my operations?
Yes. Your local TDU will still deliver the electricity and read your meter each month. Nothing changes. Existing power lines and meters will stay in place and continue to be maintained by the TDU. The TDU simply sends us your meter readings so we know how to bill you for service.

Do you charge a fee to switch from my current provider to Pumpjack Power?
Pumpjack Power does not charge any switching charges. The TDU may charge a fee if you request a particular day for your service to start or if you need expedited service. You will be informed of those charges if you request such service.

Will you check my credit when I sign up?
Yes. Pumpjack Power will perform a credit check to determine if a deposit is required.

Will a deposit be required for me to sign up?
Customers are required to demonstrate satisfactory credit in order to waive a deposit. Satisfactory credit can be demonstrated through a credit check or through proof of good payment history (no more than one late payment to your current electricity provider in the last 12 months).

Can I get my deposit waived?
(If applicable) You may be eligible to have the deposit requirement waived if you demonstrate satisfactory credit by providing a letter of credit that illustrates you were not late on an electricity bill payment more than once over the last 12 consecutive months. This standardized letter can be obtained from your current provider.

How long does the switch take?
Switching to Pumpjack Power is fast and easy. A standard switch is completed in 7 days or less. You can request a specific date for your switch to take place but the TDU does charge an administrative fee for that, although Pumpjack Power does not. The specific charge is presented to you when you select the date. You can also request same-day or next-day switch by contacting our customer care department, which also carries a fee from the TDU but without any additional fee from Pumpjack Power.

Rates, Contract and Plan Information

What will I pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity?
The amount you pay per kWh will depend on a few factors as well as the terms that are ultimately agreed upon because each relationship will be independent of other clients we serve, its best to contact us at, visit or call 1.877.208.8675

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